Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Featured Religions- Past and Present

Hello All and A Happy Tuesday To You!

Back in July I had published a post on the different religions/belief systems YMR has featured thus far and just wanted to update it as we've added a couple more since that time.

Below are the numbers collected so far:

Agnostics: 2
Apikoros- 1

Atheists/Objectivists: 9
Bahai: 1
Buddhists: 3
Christians: 7
Druid: 1
Feri Witchcraft: 1

Jews: 5
Messianic Jew: 2
Muslims: 5
Mystics: 2
Non-denominationals: 2
Polytheist: 1
Sufi Darvish: 1
Taoist: 1
Wiccans/Pagans: 7
Womanist: 1

Here's to learning even more from the groups featured and ones we've yet to feature!
We always need more participants, so hope you'll consider!

Have a great week!