Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello and Happy Saturday Everyone!

I wish to thank Ilene Rosenblum for her very interesting and informative interview last week. I enjoyed reading it and I urge all to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing with us Ilene!

Today we have a new post, so please welcome Noor.
Noor is a Muslim Convert and I know you will enjoy her post as well.

Here Is Noor's Introduction:

My name is Noor.--

My name is Noor. I was born in east Tennessee as a Southern Baptist who used to be very religious. I left home for Chicago, IL where I studied art and during this time I met many people from different cultures and religions. I started exploring Islam at this time. My reversion has been a long and hard path but now almost a decade later life is smooth for me. I now live in Saudi Arabia with my husband and 3 year old son and we're all Muslim.

1) What religion do you practice?

Sunni, Islam

2) Did you convert or were you born into this religion? If you converted, what did you need to do to convert? And what did you practice prior to converting?

I converted or as we call it in Islam reverted.
All one has to do is repeat the shahada and you're Muslim. The Shahada is : lâ ilâha illallâh, Muḥammadur rasûlullâh "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God" in English.

I was a Southern Baptist prior to my reversion.

3) Would you consider yourself a moderate, conservative or other.
This is really hard to describe because if you meet most people that are to the book religious you would want to call them conservative. Most people think conservatives are uptight but me, I am not uptight whatsoever so I guess you could say that I am somewhere in the middle.

4) In your opinion, what makes you moderate/conservative/other?
I believe your overall personality is what makes you one of these. People tend to label you because of the vibe they get from your persona.

5) In your opinion, what makes someone conservative? What makes someone moderate?
In my opinion a conservative is more uptight and rather difficult to talk to. Sometimes it's hard to have a simple dialogue because they only want to see things their way. And a more moderate person is laid back but sometimes too laid back not caring about the things going on around them like news and just life in general. I prefer to be somewhere in the middle.

6) What's your heaven/paradise like?
God has described paradise as everything one has longed for in the world. One that is happy — without hurt, sorrow, fear or shame — where every wish is fulfilled. Their life is one of bliss including: wearing costly robes, bracelets, perfumes as they partake in exquisite banquets, served in priceless vessels by immortal youths, as they recline on couches inlaid with gold or precious stones. Other foods mentioned include meats, scented wine and clear drinks bringing neither drunkenness nor rousing quarrelling. Inhabitants will rejoice in the company of their parents, spouses, and children (provided they were admitted to paradise) — conversing and recalling the past. The dwellings for inhabitants will be pleasant, with lofty gardens, shady valleys, fountains scented with camphor or ginger; rivers of water, milk, honey and wines; delicious fruits of all seasons without thorns. One day in paradise is considered equal to a thousand days on earth. Palaces are made from bricks of gold, silver, pearls, among other things. Traditions also note the presence of horses and camels of "dazzling whiteness", along with other creatures. Large trees are described, mountains made of musk, between which rivers flow in valleys of pearl and ruby.

7) In your opinion, does everyone make it into heaven/paradise? If they do not, why?
I am just a human and in being that I have no authority to answer this question. This question is for God alone.

God has told us numerous ways that is the incorrect and the correct way to live though so it is up to us.

8) What makes your religion a good fit for you?
It is not that Islam is a good fit for me it's just that I believed it and it felt correct. Being a Christian I had many questions and once I found Islam those questions were answered.

9) What are your holy days and what do you do to celebrate them?
We only have two Holidays in Islam and those are Eid al Adha and Eid ul-Fitr

10) Do you consider people of other faiths to be your friends?
I choose my friends on how they treat me. I have friends from many faiths.

11) Would you ever join people of another faith to celebrate one of their holy days? Please explain why?
No, because in Islam this is forbidden. We are only allowed to take part in our religious celebrations. I would not expect another faith to take part in mine so why would they expect that of me?

12) What are your thoughts on the burka, and Shariah Law?
I wear the niqab (face veil) anytime that I go out. I live in Saudi Arabia and its something very cultural but many women wear it for religious reasons as well all over the world. I know many women in western countries that do.

I am Muslim therefore I support shariah law.

I think that it is silly for other people to care so much about the beliefs of others. There are actually many crazy laws and cultural practices all over the world and I could care less because that's life. Not everyone is going to stop living the way they want because I say so.

13) What are your thoughts on women not being allowed to become priests?
I think the catholic church has bigger issues to tackle than women being priests.

14) Does your place of worship segregate? If yes, how does this make you feel?
Yes, and it makes me feel comfortable. I do not have to worry about being stared at, etc. I have been in some mosques that do not practice this and the men just sit and stare the entire time. Men are men regardless of what faith they are.

15) How much does your religion affect your daily life and how much thought do you give it when making a decision? Does it affect in any way your decision on abortion, gay marriage, etc?
I always do think 'what does Islam teach about this'. Really it teaches the same things Christianity did in most matters like this.

16) How would you react/feel if your child wished to marry outside your religion?
I would worry about the way the person treated my child mainly.

17) In your opinion, if someone is not of your faith, will they go to hell?
No, we believe that God judges people on what they knew in the world and not by what they never did.

18) Who do you think is not a practicing ----- in your religion and why? ie who in the public domain claims to speak for your religion? Do you agree with them or not?
I see people daily that speak in the name of Islam yet I do not agree with them or the approach they go by. Of course I am very against the terrorists who have forever tainted the Islamic faith and falsely called themselves Muslims.

Just because someone says they are part of a religion that does not mean you should judge the religion. That's a very ignorant way to be. Study the religion, get to know it and then you will know.

19) Have you ever been the target of a hate crime? Please explain.
Most people have treated me very good. I am good to people and that has always shed a good light on Islam.

20) Do you ever feel like your religion devalues you?
I do not feel my religion does but sometimes countries that claim to be religious yet they do not follow religious practices, well they can devalue us.

21) Does your religion give you peace of mind?

22) Do you believe in reincarnation? Why or why not?
No. It makes absolutely no sense to begin with. Why would we live life, die and then start all over again not knowing anything? God does not need to do that!


  1. Noor thanks so much for sharing . You sound so open minded and have an open heart as well ☺ very accepting of others I gather from your writing .
    today when I was driving I thought to myself how people are just so extremely ignorant religion is not what makes people abuse , rather abusers use religion as an excuse.
    how beleiving & having the assumption that each and every muslim is a terrorist and has hate in thier heart is just like beleiving every single priest is a child rapist.
    people beleive and do recat very ignorantly when fearful don't they .
    I personally see building a mosque at ground zero as an honour and a really loving act for in fact it shows what true muslims are truly when following God just are loving human beings like anyone else of any other religion when with God.
    but I am canadain not american so maybe I don't get the offence in the situation.
    so being from a baptist background how did your parents/family friends respond to your religious views ? were they of narrow mind or have openness and acceptance ?
    Thanks so much I enjoyed this very much ☺
    lov rox

  2. Rox, thank you so much you really made my day. You know I have met so many Muslims and they are just like me. I have been fortunate enough to not meet any extremist who abuse Islam. But its very heart breaking that the world tends to hate us for those bad people when so many of us are good people and try to do the right thing. If people would study Islam they would see its a very peaceful religion in reality.

    You have a very open mind which means your a knowledgeable person and I wish everyone was like you in this world. Sadly, only a few are.I come from such a diverse background to a new one so how can I not be open minded. Yet again I have always been this way in my life.

    You asked about my family which is funny bc they are the opposite. I come from a typical Southern family who are racist and not open what so ever. It was a LONG journey to get where I am now believe me.

    I wrote about my path to Islam om my blog and you can read it here:

  3. Lovely blog and interview..Thanks Noor :)

  4. Nice interview ! The question and answers shows the originality of both people.

  5. Thanks Noor ! I will check out your blog for certain ! have a great day

  6. Thanks for sharing, Noor!

    But I have to criticize your comment about reincarnation.

    I believe it is not polite to refer to other belief as one that “makes absolutely no sense” and which God “does not need”

  7. I think at the end of the day we all believe in our faith and if I believed reincarnation made sense then I would obviously not be Muslim. We all have faith in our own religion.

  8. It is one thing to not believe in something and a different thing to say it make no sense.

    Furthermore, sense has nothing to do with any religion, because religion is all about faith.

    How can one say that God, which is (in major religions) divine, should act according to human sense?

  9. Noor is saying that her God does not need reincarnation. If you accept the idea that there could possibly be more than one God, then you can accept that some faith systems lead to reincarnation and some don't. Wow, is it just possible that one size doesn't fit all?