Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy 2014 Everyone!

I wish to thank all of 2013's wonderful participants:

Fred Hunsberger, Serenity Raven, William Wright, Jeremy Keong, Mike Landry, Mary, Seth Alfodurson, Brian Greenhow, Siegfried Goodfellow, Recovering Agnostic, Mano Singham, Agnostic Wife, The Wise Fool, Doug Doan, Dennis Heil, Sherry M. Peyton, Sheldon and Kerr Cuhulain.

All awesome interviews and I thank you all for sharing your unique and wonderful perspectives! 

I am thinking of turning the blog into a more website friendly theme, but I will keep you posted of any changes. Until then, be well, and I wish you all a safe, healthy and exciting New Year!