Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Publish Date Changes

A sneak peak at what's to come:

For August:
7th-we'll hear from Muslimah who is Muslim,
14th-we'll hear from Tirzah who is Catholic,
21st-we'll hear from Jason who is an Objectivist,
28th-we'll hear from Don Emmerich who is an Agnostic.

For September:
4th-we'll hear from Kola Boof who is a Womanist,
11th-we'll hear from Sarita who is Pagan,
18th-we'll hear from Ilene Rosenblum who is Jewish,
25th-we'll hear from Noor who is Muslim.

For October:
2nd-we'll hear from Anne Johnson who is a Druid,
9th-we'll hear from Jake Collyer who is an Atheist,
16th-we'll hear from Chanan who is Jewish,
23rd-we'll hear from Rand who is Christian,
30th-we'll hear from Rachel who is Jewish.

All great posts! You won't want to miss any of them!

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