Saturday, July 3, 2010

Featured Religions

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I was reviewing the religions/belief systems (past and future) that have been featured on YMR, and the amount of participants within that particular group.
Below are the numbers collected so far:

Agnostic: 1
Atheists/Objectivists: 9
Buddhists: 3
Christians: 5

Druid: 1
Jews: 5
Muslims: 5
Mystics: 2
Non-denominational: 2
Polytheist: 1
Sufi Darvish: 1
Taoist: 1

Wiccans/Pagans: 7
Womanist: 1

Here's to learning even more from the groups featured and ones we've yet to feature!
We always need more participants, so hope you'll consider!

Have a great week!


  1. An eclectic list -- I can't help bu notice, though, the absence of any Buddhists or Hindus (two of the "big four" religions by global number of adherents). Perhaps it would be worth trying to recruit a few? Buddhists in particular are very diverse.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the invitation to this blog. I am a Buddhist, and have a bit of an interesting story about how I became one after being an atheist for over 25 years. It involved a near death experience.

    I would be happy to take part in this pan-religious dialogue taking part on this blog.


  3. I know of a Satanist who might be interested in participating.