Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marcus Aurelius Quote

Hello All!

Wanted to let everyone know that YMR has it's own facebook page! A better way to interact with questions and comments, and no more multiple answers!
Please check us out @

Hope to see you there!

Also it's time for another great quote! This one comes to us from Cora:

To those who ask the question, 'Where have you seen the gods, or from where have you learned that they exist, that you worship them in this manner?' I answer: First, they are visible even to the eyes; secondly, I have not seen my own soul and yet I honour it; and so, too, with the gods, from my own experiences every instant of their power I apprehend that they exist and I do them reverence."
- Marcus Aurelius Meditations 12.28 -


  1. You have a great blog...glad I found it! BTW, found it off of Kris's blog! Have a great week!

  2. Thank you Brian! Would you be interested in taking part in the survey!?