Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Tuesday All!

YMR has some exciting future posts and I just wanted to share what's coming up:

This weekend we'll hear from Deb Dove.
Deb is a Pagan so you will definitely want to check back this weekend!

May 1st we'll hear from Cora. Cora is a Polytheist (YMR's first, but hopefully not last!).
May 15th we'll hear from 'inannasstar', who is a Pagan.
The Pagan/Wiccan community has been a wonderful help to YMR!

On May 23rd Casey Kochmer will be sharing what it means to him to be a Taoist.
May 29th we'll hear from Ange, who was raised Catholic but is now Muslim.
June 12th we'll hear from Ryan who was raised Jewish but is now Atheist.
On June 26th, we'll hear from Abe Solomon who is a Conservative Jew,
and on July 10th we'll be hearing from 'Infidel753' who is an Atheist.

Wow! Some great future posts you are not going to want to miss!

Plus we have several posts in the works as well.
And don't forget to check back and have your say on our polls too!

Thanks everyone and see you all this weekend!

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