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Marie Liane Rioux

Hello and Happy Saturday!

Thank you so much to Ed Grainger for his very interesting and in-depth interview of last week. Thank you for your courage and sharing your journey with all of us. Thanks Ed!

Today we have a new interview so please welcome Marie Liane Rioux. Marie is a Gnostic and I know you'll enjoy her interview as well!

Here Is Marie Liane Rioux's Introduction:

My story is one of triumph over adversity. Being visually impaired (and physically disabled – Cerebral Palsy which affects my left hand and leg) were never viewed by me as a handicap, for, I have the privilege to work with a handsome four footed dude named Capone, my seeing – eye dog. The question always was how do I achieve my goals? I have a B.A. in psychology, 21 years experience assisting the disabled to enter the work force. Upon leaving the rehabilitation field with no visible job prospects and if other employers could not or would not hire me, I would hire myself. The ability I have to see into a person’s past lives led me to seek training in the field of Hypnosis. I am a Master Hypnotist . Yes, the ability to see into a person’s past lives does address another of my abilities; abilities I have had since my childhood (was eleven in November of 1963 when I told my sister that the then US president John Kennedy should not go to Dallas for he would not return alive) abilities which grew stronger and more prevalent as I matured. I am a Medium. I sense, see (not always clearly), hear at times or feel the spirits, angels or earth bounds (ghosts) around me and like all Mediums I am psychic (all Mediums are psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums). I also am a channeler as well. This means that by permission of the Godhead my soul and consciousness leave my body (briefly) and let my primary Spirit Guide Sheila use my full body (she walks, talks, and writes utilizing my voice and limbs) to bring forth the information that she has been assigned to give the earth plane by the Council of the “Other Side” and the Godhead. Furthermore when I channel Sheila my soul and consciousness usually then go to the “Other Side” to the alcove or to the corridor between the earth dimension and the “Other Side”. In addition Capone and I share our lives with our family, friends and our two feline companions named respectfully Misha and Teeka.
On the “Other Side” I am a Architect and a researcher and my eternal name is Susan. I do research into energy, vibration and the effects of vibration upon corporeal particles.

My blog is
and my website for hypnosis and past life regression is

1) What religion do you practice?

I am a gnostic - a seeker of knowledge - it is not a religion per say for me

2) Are you a convert/revert or were you raised within this religion? If you converted, what did you need to do to convert? And what did you practice prior to converting?

I was raised catholic but had certain beliefs all my life that I knew to be true which were contrary to the catholic belief system. Eventually as an adult I left religion all together. I remain very spiritually anchored

3)Within your religion are there degrees of observance (ie. Orthodox, conservative, moderate, liberal)? What are the defining differences between the degrees of observance?

There are no degrees of observance. I live my life, try to do good and assist others where I can.

4)Within your religion what degree of observance are you (ie. Orthodox,conservative, moderate, liberal) ? Why did you choose this degree of observance?


5)What is the Afterlife within your religion? For example: what happens when a person dies? Are there places for reward/punishment? (such as a Heaven/Hell concept)

Accordingt to my Spirit guide when we die we cross dimensional planes and go home to the "Other Side" where we resume living our eternal lives. There is no hell per say, the only hell we will know is the earth plane. The only difference between dark and light souls is that the ligt go to the "Other Side" and the dark keep re-encarnating here on the earth plane and will do so until re-encarnating stops. Once re-encarnating stops, the dark souls will be taken back to the Father and cleansed and remain part of his uncreated mass. Being dark or light is a choice we make.

6) In your opinion, does everyone make it into heaven/paradise? If they do not, why?

see above answer

7) What makes your religion a good fit for you?

It connects me to the "Other Side"

8) What are your holy days and what do you do to celebrate them?

No holy days in particular. I observe Mother God's day in early December (8th). I just give thanks for all She does for us. Her and God the Father

9) Do you consider people of other faiths to be your friends?

Of course, why would I not

10) Would you ever join people of another faith to celebrate one of their holy days? Please explain why?

Yes just as we celebrate them on the "Other Side"

11) What are your thoughts on the burka, and Shariah Law?

I can't be specific here but I do know that often the various prophets had their words of wisdom misintrepreted by their followers. As long as the individual agrees and has choices and is treated with respect. It is their choice as to how they live not mine.

12) Are women allowed to hold religious office (priest, minister, rabbi, iman etc) in your religion and how do you feel about it?

Of course why not, to not allow this would be an insult to Mother God

13) Does your place of worship segregate? If yes, how does this make you feel?

No spirituality does not do this for me. I worship wherever I happen to be.

14) How much does your religion affect your daily life and how much thought do you give it when making a decision? Does it affect in any way your decision on abortion, gay marriage, etc?

It affects all my life. I speak daily with my guide and Mother and Father God. I follow my charted course. Gay marriage, abortion are all part of our learning and charted course.

15) How would you react/feel if your child wished to marry outside your religion? Since I don't follow a religion that would be the child's decision to make not mine.

16) In your opinion, if someone is not of your faith, will they go to hell?

I don't believe in hel,l the earth plane is the only hell we will ever know. We write our chart before we come into life and the religion, if we follow one, is part of that chart.

17) Who do you think is not a practicing ----- in your religion and why? ie who in the public domain claims to speak for your religion? Do you agree with them or not?

As a seeker of knowledge my truth and yours may not be the same, each must follow thier own soul heart.

18) Have you ever been the target of a hate crime? Please explain.


19) Do you ever feel like your religion devalues you?


20) Does your religion give you peace of mind?

of course, this life is my school and I am here to learn. When I finish this life I return home to my eternal life. I have no fear of death, only the body dies, what is me lives on for eternity.

21) Do you believe in reincarnation? Why or why not?

Of course, it takes many lives to learn our leasons. I view earth as a boarding school we come to learn and return home after finishing each grade. I have had 49 lives on the earth plane and I am living number 50 right now.

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