Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Future Interviews and Dates Published

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Here is the list of all the future interviews and the dates they will be published on:

August 20th: Jenny (aka the RetroHousewife)- Christian
August 27th: Justin Whitaker- Buddhist

September 3rd: Musa Talib- Muslim Convert
September 10th: Umm Salihah- Muslim
September 17th: Joel Holopainen/Jouji Heion- Buddhist
September 24th: Harry/Hanrei Banzan- Buddhist

October 1st: Dalyn Robert Montgomery- Mormon
October 8th: Louise Rogers- Unitarian
October 15th: Adrian Worsfold- Unitarian
October 22nd: Christina- Pagan
October 29th: Elinor Predota- Pagan

November 5th: Janie (aka Mother Moon)- Pagan
November 12th: Larry Tanner- Atheist
November 19th: Modern Girl- Unitarian
November 26th: Vincent Enlund/Viking Jack- Asatru

December 3rd: Malwina- Christian
December 10th: Navjeet Singh Sandhu- Sikh
December 17th: Omar Ghraieb- Muslim
December 24th: Liorah Lleucu- Jewitch
December 31st: Christopher Darren Horn- Noahide

January 7th: Heather Cardin- Bahai
January 14th: Manuel Araujo- Polytheist
January 21st: Helio Pires- Polytheist
January 28th: H. Jeremiah Lewis/Sannion- Polytheist

February 4th: Emberlyn Rayne- Wiccan
February 11th: Ian Crossland- Mathematics
February 18th: Courtney- Buddhist
February 25th: Galina Krasskova- Heathen

March 3rd: H. Kaur- Sikh
March 10th: Laura Dartez/Onyx Moon- Pagan
March 17th: Kristine McKee- Non-denominational
March 24th: Christian Mengele- Christian
March 31st: Ed Grainger- Ex-Jehovah's Witness

April 7th: Marie Liane Rioux- Gnostic