Saturday, May 22, 2010

Casey Kochmer

Hello and Happy Saturday Everyone!

I want to thank 'inannasstar' for her very interesting post last week! An excellent read! Thanks for sharing with us!
This week will be a bit different, we've got a paragraph written by Casey Kochmer on what it means to him to be a Taoist.

I am, me, a Taoist, exploring my life with joy, grace and potential. Many truths abound and many possible roads to travel down. I follow my life in kindness. Share as I can and learn from everyone. I stay for the most part in a simple life out of the hustle and bustle of building grand visions of what might be. I wish to all grace, I hope to all: that they explore potential of their own heart and live it well as their nature states. I smile for each person's choices, to stay silent to better take it in with as little influence as possible. I for myself live my own life to the best of being "Casey Kochmer"... which circles back around to me now saying

Tune in next Saturday, we'll be hearing from Ange who is a Muslim convert.
See you next week!

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