Saturday, June 5, 2010

Upcoming Posts!

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I wanted to share with you what's coming up over the next few months:
Here's a quick run down!

Next Saturday, we'll be hearing from Ryan who was raised in the Jewish faith but is now Atheist.
on June 26th- we'll hear from Abe Solomon who is Jewish,
on July 10th- we'll hear from Infidel753 who is Atheist,
on July 24th-we'll hear from James Randi aka The Amazing Randi, who is Atheist,
on Aug. 7th-we'll hear from ALC who is Atheist,
0n Aug. 21st-we'll hear from Carlos Scienza who was raised Jehovah's Witness but is now Atheist,
on Sept. 4th-we'll hear from Muslimah who is a Muslim Convert,
on Sept. 18th-we'll hear from Tirzah Roxie who is Catholic,
on Oct. 2nd-we'll hear from Jason who is an Objectivist,
on Oct. 16th-we'll hear from Don Emmerich who is Christian,
on Oct. 30th-we'll hear from Kola Boof who is a Womanist,
and on Nov. 13th-we'll hear from Sarita who is a Pagan

Wow, some very interesting posts you're not going to want to miss!
We always need more participants, so if you're interested please email us @

See you next week!

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